We've released our special website for mid-career employment!
There are 8 stories of our mid-career employees such as a motive of entry, current job, how to spend the day off, etc.

For more information, see here.
Top Message
From our company president, Kyowa to everyone.
This is a SNS which accelerates in-company communication.
In lieu of conventional communication via email, you can communicate with your colleagues easily on the web.
Team Seattle
Team Seattle means that each employee can take a main role in a flat organization structure.
Cloud Application Building
Please depend on us when it comes to build application by using GAE, AWS.
Myanmar Offshore Development
We put the best suitable suggestion in accordance with clients' needs with making use of our development site overseas.
This is a tool for Privacy Mark, ISMS education-aid. This allows you to reduce large amount of in-company security education costs, and obtain and operate conducts that stipulated in Privacy Mark effectively.
This is a tool for recruitment and personnel evaluation aid at company. By executing skill evaluation on a quantity basis, it allows you to reduce a large amount of costs for recruitment and personnel evaluation.